Hero flies into action to help family

Many people claim to be a hero. Few are. Laura Reid, of Mayfair Fin Serv knows one who’s always there in time of need. 

Laura’s work colleague, Guy Moliterno, got THE call. It was one of his clients, and it wasn’t good news. The client’s wife had unfortunately passed away.

Laura says, “Guy is a complete professional and knew what to say at this difficult time. He listened and comforted the client as much as he could”. Laura continues, “he’d known the couple for many years, so was quite close.”

Guy reassured the client that he would do everything to sort out the insurance claim, leaving the family to concentrate on more important things.

Sorted everything 

Laura says, “Right away, Guy got on to Legal & General and made sure that the claims pack would be sent to him, not the client. Also, the same evening he visited the client and his family to check they were ok.”

When the pack arrived, Guy went to the client’s home and completed all the required documentation before sending it back to Legal & General.  And it didn’t end there. Laura says, “He also arranged for an interim payment to be made to avoid any possible financial pressures, as well as assist the solicitors to obtain the Grant of Probate – helping to speed up the completion of the claim.”

Kept in contact

Throughout the whole process, Guy made sure that he spoke with the client and family on a regular basis.

After a few months, Guy visited the client. Laura says, “He was really grateful to Guy for all his help during this difficult time.”

And all this extra support really has paid off. Since the claim, Guy was asked to do a complete financial review by the client, from which they agreed with the recommendations – taking out 3 new policies. Guy has also recommended the client review their will, as well as arranged a new mortgage for the client’s elderly mother.

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