Turning no into yes

Wrong medical history

Before applying for the insurance, Krystle told her client to get a copy of the medical records from her GP. While looking through it, the client noticed that the GP had incorrectly recorded her as having a personality disorder. Krystle advised her client to get her GP to correct her records. Once amended, Krystle submitted her application for life and critical illness cover.

Extra checks needed

The insurer asked the clients GP for a GPR to be completed. Also, the client added some additional information about her health too, before it was returned to the insurer.

Throughout the whole process, Krystle kept in touch with her client, the GP surgery and the insurer.

Bad news

But after 8 months of going back and forth, the insurer declined the application. Krystle says, “I wasn’t happy about this, and felt the outcome was unfair”. So she asked that the application be escalated to the reinsurers. Again, it was declined.

As Krystle says, “having to tell the client she’s been refused was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do, especially with her mental health issues”.

Refused to give in

Most advisers would have probably given up at this point, but not Krystle. She asked her client if she’d be happy to share her medical records, so that she could determine the best way forward.

While going through what had been red flagged, Krystle noticed a few points in the report that stood out and spoke with her client. Krystle says “I wanted to understand what they meant, so I could then respond to the insurer in detail, so they could pass on to the reinsurer.”

Good news

After 10 months, two decisions of decline, and many emails and letters; the re-assurer eventually agreed terms for both life and critical illness. And although there was an increase in the client’s premium above the basic level, it wasn’t a huge amount.

Determination delivers success

Krystle was right in her belief that her client was far from being ‘uninsurable’. Krystle’s boss Kathryn says, “Her empathy, tenacity and commitment is testament to how much of a hero she is to her clients.”

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