Going above the call of duty

Monica went straight to the hospital to see the client with her Estate Planner. Between them both, they arranged a will and a trust to be in place, as per the client’s wishes. It meant Monica and the Planner went to the hospital on several occasions – even on a Sunday.

Helping the family

Monica supported the client’s wife through the probate and repaying of the mortgage, as well as existing debts that the client had left behind.

Monica also liaised with the NHS regarding the client’s pension and helped ensure all the paperwork was completed as swiftly as possible.


A few months after everything was completed, the client’s wife called Monica and thanked her for all her help as she did not know how she would have dealt with all the legal forms without her assistance.

Protection for the family continued

Monica’s empathy and commitment to ensure everything was done correctly really made a difference to the family. This meant that after her client passed away, the family stayed with Monica, as they knew she would go the extra mile for them. 

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