Making a claim

We’ve signed up to The Protection Distributors Group' (PDG) Claim Charter, reinforcing our dedication to delivering the highest standards to customers throughout their claim experience.

We are passionate about delivering positive customer outcomes and handle each claim with compassion and understanding.

How to make a claim

The claims department can be contacted by telephone, letter, or email, and the contact details for each type of claim are shown here.

The claims line is open between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. You or your client can leave a message at any time day or night and we will get back to you.

Our specialist helpline can offer help and advice to your client throughout their claim period. We’ll make sure they have all our contact details.

What happens when a claim is made

We understand that your clients or their family are going through a very difficult time when they make a claim, so we handle each case with sensitivity and understanding.

We have over 60 trained claims assessors, who make claiming as easy and straightforward as possible, but there are certain things we need to do before making a decision.

  • We check that the plan is in force with all premiums paid to date at the time of the claim. For health claims, premiums should continue until a decision on the claim is made. We suspend premiums on death claims as soon as we are told about the death of a client.
  • Each case is assigned a claims assessor who remains the main point of contact throughout the process. This means you or your client should be able to speak to the same person throughout and they will be familiar with the progress of the case.
  • The claimant can nominate someone else to act on their behalf. We’ll let you know if we need written permission to deal with that person.

It’s likely that the majority of health claims will require further medical evidence from the doctors or consultants who are involved in the treatment. Full details of any illness, when it started and treatment given are particularly helpful. We’ll keep you informed every time we ask for information.

We always apply the Consumer Insurance Act and the ABI Code of Practice when we assess a claim. If we ever decide to reduce the payment, the decision will be ratified by at least two expert members of our team.

  • If your client is making a claim, additional support may be available, details are below.