Make time to talk this Brew Monday

On what’s said to be the gloomiest day of the year, Monday 17th January sees the continuation of the Samaritans’ annual Brew Monday campaign. 

Brew Monday encourages each of us to connect and check in with loved ones, and to support their mental health. We’re pleased to support this campaign again and encourage our intermediaries and customers to reach out and open up to those closest to them.


There's an even greater need to stay connected at this time when many of us need to isolate and are physically apart from those we care about. Simply having someone there to listen can be a huge benefit to a person that is struggling with their mental health.


How Samaritans help all year round


In 2020 4,912* suicides were registered in England alone, seeing the highest percentage in males at 15.3% compared to 4.9% in females. Whatever people are going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. they're there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Samaritans fields millions of calls, emails, and other types of contacts in several countries, offering a confidential listening ear to anyone who suffers from emotional distress, up to and including suicidal ideation. In recent years, the organisation has encouraged individuals to set aside any Monday — especially in wintertime — to get a group together for tea and cakes and to discuss participants’ troubles without fear of reprisal in any way.

How to take part

Whether you choose to pick up the phone, or have a video chat, Brew Monday is about making the time and space to listen, and maybe even help someone work through something that's on their mind.

Hold an official Brew Monday of your own

Make up a list of your friends and acquaintances, making sure to include that friend who might seem sad. Next, go to to download the official digital pack, which contains help and guidance on how to make sure your event leads to a donation for the charity.

Make every day a day of outreach

Samaritans believe that even without the official fundraising aspect, it's a good idea to keep lonely friends in mind - whether it's Blue Monday or not - and give them a call or an email today to let them know that you're in their corner.

Join the fight

Volunteers for Samaritans undergo a recruitment and training process; if you'd like to apply to help them man the phones, please get in touch or visit the Samaritans' website for more information.


*It is important to note, that these deaths didn't all happen in 2020, and we will not know how many did until all deaths are officially registered - this can sometimes take a year or more.


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