Our 2018 claims statistics

In 2018, together we helped over 14,000 families through difficult periods in their lives, this equates to £638m in protection claims. On average that’s £1.7m per day!

Over the last 5 years we’ve helped support our customers and their loved ones financially, by paying out over £2.9 billion in protection claims when they were needed most. Our claims statistics are much more than just numbers. They represent real people with real stories who we are able to support because of you.

Our claims payment record in 2018

  • 97% of life claims helping 10,046 families
  • 97% of Terminal Illness Cover claims helping 1,023 families
  • 93%* of Critical Illness Cover claims helping 3,041 families
  • 96% of Children’s Critical Illness Cover claims helping 115 families
  • 95%** of Income Protection Benefit claims helping 474 families

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*Includes Children’s Critical Illness Cover claims
**New claims admitted in 2018 and those already being paid before Jan 2018 that continued to be paid

The value of intermediaries and protection

These figures show the valuable life changing impact protection can have on peoples lives. And we know we wouldn’t be able to support these customers without the great work you do, day in day out.