Our 2019 Claims Statistics

In 2019, we paid out £731m across our Life, Critical Illness Cover, Terminal Illness Cover and Income Protection which is the equivalent of just over £2m every day to support individuals and families when they need it most. This is an additional £93m than we paid out in the previous year and raises the total amount Legal & General has paid in individual protection claims over the last five years to nearly £3billion.  

Our claims payment by product

  • Life insurance (including Over 50s)

Over £392.4m paid across 10,721 claims representing 97% of all life claims. The average payout was £36,608 and the average age of customer was 67.

  •  Terminal Illness Cover

Over £111.8m paid across 1,066 claims representing 95% of all terminal illness claims. The average payout was £104,911 and the average age of customer was 56.

  • Critical Illness Cover claims

Over £224m paid across 3,351 claims representing 92% of critical illness claims. The average payout was £66,857 and the average age of customer was 48.

  • Children’s Critical Illness Cover claims

Over £2.1m paid across 140 claims representing 96% of all children’s critical illness claims. The average payout was £15,182 and the average age of child was 9.

  • Income Protection claims

Over £1.1m paid across 483 claims representing 93% of income protection claims (new and continued claims). The average monthly payout was £607 and the average age of customer was 41.

“Our purpose as a business is to support our customers at some of the most challenging times in their lives. An unexpected change in circumstances such as a critical illness diagnosis or the loss of a loved one can have a devastating impact on a family. For those facing a life-changing condition or grieving over the death of a family member, the importance of financial security cannot be overstated.

We take incredibly seriously the responsibility of financially supporting our customers at their most vulnerable. Last year we supported over 15,000 people through paying their claim. But behind our claims statistics are real people: families who have lost a parent, renters who are unable to work due to illness or injury, individuals who have been diagnosed with life changing critical illnesses. We will continue to place our entire focus on providing this vital financial security for our existing and new customers alike.” David Banks, Director of Claims and Underwriting, Legal & General Insurance

How we’re going further for our customers

  • We’ve signed up to The Protection Distributors Group’ Claims Charter – it ensures we deliver the highest standards to our customers throughout their claims process.
  • We understand that when it comes to making a claim, it can be quite a difficult time. That’s why our experienced claims assessors have completed a Samaritans training course which provides them with the skills to support vulnerable people.
  • Claimants have a named point of contact, providing regular updates as agreed and we also support digital documentation, unless paperwork is preferred at the claimants’ request to enable a quicker and easier experience.
  • Providing the best service to our customers is all about listening to their needs. That’s why, our Customer Experience team work tirelessly across all areas of our Insurance Division, gathering customer feedback, so they can improve our service.

After all, our statistics are more than just numbers; they are real people that we’ve helped in their time of need.

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