The average employee ‘deadline to breadline’ was just 32 days if they lost their source of income and had to rely on savings, due to suffering a critical illness, an injury or death. However, the research also reveals a variation in the deadline across the UK.

Wales had the shortest deadline to the breadline, with those surveyed saying that with their current outgoings they could sustain their current level of spending for on average 26 days after losing their primary source of income. Northern Ireland had the longest deadline, with individuals saying that they would last 36 days on average. Interestingly, both came at the bottom of the average salary and monthly savings tables.

Average Annual Salary by Region

Average Annual Salary by Region
Wales Northern Ireland South West Yorkshire & The Humber East Midlands North East
£30,619  £31,477  £31,508  £32,072  £33,093  £33,523 
Average Annual Salary by Region
Scotland West Midlands North West East South East London
 £33,409 £35,000  £36,969  £37,455  £38,684  £47,535 

Average Monthly Savings By Region 

Average Monthly Savings By Region
Wales Northern Ireland South East Yorkshire & The Humber North West South West
 £153 £231  £240  £243  £257  £259 
Average Monthly Salary by Region
East  West Midlands East Midlands Scotland North East London
 £281  £317  £336 £341  £384   £581

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