Bowel Cancer, protection - and beards

Every year, Bowel Cancer UK asks people to grow a beard during the month as part of ‘Decembeard’. The aim is to raise awareness and funds, to support research and lifesaving work.

So December is an ideal month to grow a beard!

This also provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of critical illness cover. As we know a critical illness can affect anyone, at any given time or age, and can turn lives upside down.

Bowel Cancer in the UK

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer, causing the second largest number of cancer deaths in the UK. However, it’s treatable and curable, if diagnosed early.

By careful funding of targeted research, Bowel Cancer UK says they will deliver improvements in bowel cancer survival during our lifetime.

How Protection can help

Putting critical illness protection in place for your clients could make a big difference to their future financial situation. If they receive a bowel cancer diagnosis during their policy lifetime and make a valid claim, a pay-out could help if they need to take time off work to recover and help relieve stress. 

Stats and Survival Rates  

Cancer Research UK predicts a rise in survival rates of bowel cancer patients after 1, 5 and 10 years of diagnosis. The current numbers are:

  • 1 year – around 75% of people survive their cancer
  • 5 + years – around 60% of people survive their cancer
  • 10 + years – almost 60% of people survive their cancer

We also collated stats from 2018 on Legal & General customers who made a valid claim and received a cash sum after being diagnosed with bowel cancer: 

  • We helped: 164 people
  • Their average age was: 46F / 50M
  • The pay-out total was: £11,662,929

The above stats are Legal & General's critical illness cover claims for Bowel cancer.

Clear Benefits

With rising survival rates of this predominant cancer type, the potential benefits of your clients taking out a critical illness cover are clear to see*.


Find out more about critical illness cover here, or by attending one of our webinars and workshops.


Pledge to grow a beard for Bowel Cancer UK’s #Decembeard campaign here.


* Not all types of cancer are covered under critical illness plans and permanent symptoms may be needed to claim for some illnesses.