Breast cancer changes everything

We know what a life changing event a breast cancer diagnosis can be. Though it’s never part of the plan, breast cancer will affect one in seven women in the UK and around 55,000 women are diagnosed in the UK every year.

Thanks to better awareness, screening and treatments, more women than ever are surviving breast cancer, almost 80% surviving for 10 years or more. But what if your client is diagnosed with breast cancer? Your advice could ensure that it doesn’t derail their life.

Stopping cancer from stopping your clients

Critical illness cover* can’t take the diagnosis away, but it can help to make life a little easier. By providing quality protection, it could give your clients and their family financial breathing space when living with a critical illness.

Whether being used to help toward mortgage payments, contributing towards travel costs, or helping towards child care costs, critical illness cover could be a safety net. 

A little extra support

Sometimes living with cancer can mean needing extra help—that’s where our Nurse Support Services, provided by RedArc Assured Limited, comes in.

Part of all our protection products available through intermediaries (excluding our Whole of Life Protection Plan), at no extra cost, it gives your clients access to experienced registered nurses and provides:

  • Support with serious illness and disability, mental health, trauma and bereavements. Available to policyholders and immediate family (i.e. spouse, partner, children living at home).
  • Access to a dedicated nurse adviser who provides long-term practical advice and emotional support over the phone.  Available after being discharged from hospital.
  • Therapy and counselling (after being assessed).

Find out more about critical illness cover or by attend our webinars and workshops.

*Not all types of cancer are covered under critical illness plans

This is not a consumer advertisement. It is intended for professional financial advisers and should not be relied upon by private customers or any other persons