OLPC improves retention support in Existing Business Agent Hub

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are pleased to announce that we will be introducing a new feature in Existing Business Agent Hub from 29th March 2019. Our retention tool will now send you an email notification if a customers’ Direct debit fails or is cancelled – ensuring your customers are never left unprotected and you don’t risk a loss in commission.

What does this mean?

  • You will now receive an email up to 3 times per week when there are policies at risk
  • You will only receive an email when there are new policies at risk
  • You have the flexibility to choose up to 3 different email addresses to receive the notifications
  • You can quote, apply and service your clients policies all in one place
  • You can access your clients’ policy information 24/7
  • You have the flexibility to choose if you wish to receive notifications
  • You can review policies where the DD has bounced or cancelled and even CFO cases for the last 6 months
  • Our saved case tool gives you insight into how much commission you could save

The new email is designed to inform you of the any new events and will not include any client sensitive information. An example of the new email is shown below:

Updating your contact preferences

We’ve added more flexibility for you, as an Adviser, to include up to 3 email addresses to receive notifications and select whether you receive these or not. Visit your contact preferences in OLPC to manage these new options.