SmoothMove is included at no extra charge, if your client moves home in the next six months.    

SmoothMove is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance (IPA), one of the largest international emergency assistance groups. The policy provides your client with a 24 hour rescue service, to help protect them and their immediate family on moving day. Inter Partner Assistance can continue to support your client for up to three months following their move. 

To qualify for SmoothMove your client must have completed on the purchase of a property, have a valid mortgage related protection policy and be paying their premium. The cover will start on the day of their move. 

Benefits on moving day includes:

Car recovery 

  • Depending on the problem, IPA will arrange for roadside repairs (labour only) or for the vehicle to be towed to a safe place; either your client's new home or a reputable garage.
  • If necessary, IPA will then reimburse payment for the hire of a similar vehicle so they can reach their new home and a standard class rail ticket so that the car can be retrieved, when it has been repaired.

Removal van hasn't arrived/Household goods lost en route

  • If the removal van fails to arrive, IPA will contact the removal company to solve the problem.
  • If, by the end of moving day, their household goods have not arrived at the new home, IPA will reimburse payment for the emergency purchase of such essentials as toiletries and personal necessities.
  • IPA will reimburse payment for up to three nights hotel accommodation while they wait for their goods to be delivered or replaced. In addition, IPA will reimburse payment for the family pet(s) to be kennelled up to three nights.

Vendor hasn't moved out

  • If the vendor hasn't moved out on completion, IPA will reimburse payment for up to three nights hotel accommodation.
  • Temporary storage will be arrange for their household goods while they wait for vacant possession.
  • IPA will reimburse payment for their pet(s) kennelling

The total maximum amount payable for any one of the above that occur on the day of the move is £750 (including VAT).

After the move for up to three months, IPA will:

  • Reimburse payment for an approved contractor to carry out immediate repairs for a domestic emergency; such as, a burst pipe or damaged roof.
  • Reimburse any additional costs in rendering your client's home safe to live in, by securing their home and contents against further damage.
  • Provide access to 24-hour legal advice helpline, for any matters in connection with the property move.

Please refer to the  SmoothMove Pack (W13514)  PDF: 365KB  for further details.