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How do I register for an agency with L&G?

If you are a Directly Authorised firm it's simple - just fill in the electronic application form on the Origo website and email us some supporting documentation.
If you are an Appointed Representative, please refer to your Principal firm to set this up on your behalf.

How long does it take to set up an agency?

In order for us to perform due diligence and protect our agents, the current time it takes to set up a new Directly Authorised agency is approximately 15 working days. All other requests are set up within 5 working days.

Once I have Terms of Business for an agency with L&G, how do I amend any details on it or add additional agencies?

If you are a Directly Authorised firm, a Network or a Service Provider, the easiest way to manage your agency is to register for Origo's Agency Administration service.
You can update your address or bank details, add or close agencies and manage any transfers of business.
Alternatively you can email for these changes or to set up any additional new agencies.

What is a Novation?

A novation is a transfer of business between two firms at an agency level. On receipt of the completed paper work, we transfer the agency number in its entirety from the original firm and link it to the new firm.

What paperwork is required for a Novation?

We request the Origo Transfers and Novation for is completed and returned to .  You can find a copy of the form here.

How long does it take to process a Novation request?

The Agency Admin team are currently working to a 10 day turnaround on receipt of the fully completed Origo Novation form.

What formats are your statements available in?

CSV (Excel)



CSV is the default. If a change is required, you can send an e-mail to to request a change to the format needed.

What do the headings on the CSV statement mean?

A          Transmission Date      The date the statement was transmitted

B          Transmission Time      Time statement sent (24 hour clock)

C         Payment Date             The date the payment leaves L&G

D         Master Agency No      Master agency number

E          FRN Number               Company FCA number

F          Sub Agency No           Intermediary agency number

G         Policy Type                 I = Live; C = Cancelled

H         Policy Number            Policy number

I           Broker reference         Particular to adviser

J          Charge Reason                       Discontinued  

K          Party                            PH = Policyholder

L          Policy Name                Customer’s surname

M         Policy Initial                 Customer’s initial

N         Product Description    Code for product type. Contact Agency Enquiries for full list.

O         Payment Type             I = Initial. R = Renewal. X = Clawback.

P          Payment Amount        Commission/fee amount

Q         Payment Currency      GBP = Pounds Sterling

R         Payment Basis                        Discontinued

S          Payment Code                        CBS: Commission ACH: Adviser charge CCH = Consultancy charge

T          Payment Due Date     Date commission/payment generated

U         Premium Type             Discontinued

V          Premium Amount        Policy Premium

W         Premium Currency      GBP = Pounds Sterling

X          Premium Frequency    M = Monthly

Y          Payment Reason        Type of payment. 01: payment 04: clawback 99: miscellaneous

Z          Scheme Number         Applies if Scheme

AA       Scheme Name                        Applies if Scheme


What does Offset or Carried forward mean on the commission statement?

Offsetting is triggered when an agency falls into debt. The system will use funds from another agency within the same FRN structure to reduce that debt. It is important to note that the transfer of funds are not policy specific but are simply taken from the total available balance on the agency that is in credit.

Carried forward is the previous balance on the agency which is carried over to the next statement. To understand what the carried forward amount is made up of, you can refer to your previous statement

Can you explain what the “MG/H66/Surname /10 Rovers Way” line for procuration fees means?

MG -  refers to L&G Mortgage Club

H66 -  is the lender product code – for the full list see Here

Surname - Client surname (first eight characters)

10 Rovers Way - First line of address

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Protection: When is our commission going to be paid on the policy?

Below is a link to our cut off dates, if the plan is submitted prior to the cut off this will generate payment on to the next available statement.  If you do not know when your statements are produced please call us on 0370 900 5010 and we can provide you with this information.

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Protection: How much commission will I be paid?

Commission is disclosed on the Personal Quote saved in OLP Connect. Alternatively, please find the link below to our Terms of commission schedule this provides you with the calculations and factors we use to generate your commission or you can call us on 0370 900 5010.

Terms of Commission for Intermediaries.

Mortgage Procuration Fees: We haven’t received our fee?

Procuration fees are generated if we receive the payments from the lender with instruction to pay the agent or if we have received a claim from the agent themselves. On occasion we may receive fees from the lenders but cannot allocate them to an agent with the information they provide, as such we always recommend claiming your fee in advance.

Mortgage Procuration Fees: We have received less than expected?

The rates that we pay for procuration fees are based on the lender and the type of product submitted. You can view these rates via our lender directory.  

Mortgage Procuration Fees: The fee has been reclaimed but the case completed months ago.

While we can advance payments to you we can only do so for six months. After this time if we have not received the payment from the lender we will reclaim the fee. Once we have received the money from the lender the fee will be repaid to you.

General Insurance: I've just a GI policy on risk, when will I be paid the commission?

Commission is paid on next statement following the receipt of the first month’s premium.

General Insurance: How much Commission will I be paid?

Commission for all General Insurance products is a simple percentage of the annual premium before any taxes or charges are added. To check your rate call us on 0370 900 5010 with your agency number to hand.

General Insurance: What is my Agency Number?

Your General Insurance agency number should have been given to you when you first started doing business with us, it begins with the letters DU. If you are unable to locate it please give us a call with your FCA number and company details and we should be able to email it to you.

If you are a member of a Network, please contact your network who can provide this information to you.