Through our dedicated team and online support tools, we’ll be available to help SIFA members understand more about the lifetime mortgage market and how it could help their clients.

We launched our Lifetime Mortgages in 2015, and have since been working tirelessly to increase awareness of the market and provide better value to your clients, all whilst making our products more flexible.

A lifetime mortgage is a type of equity release that allows your client to unlock some of the equity from their home without having to move. It's a loan secured against their home to give them a cash sum or smaller amounts, tax-free, that they can take as and when they need.

 View - Read our article on OPLM View - Read our article on OPLMAdvisers must be qualified to provide advice about lifetime mortgages.

Our adviser site helps you support your client through their ongoing retirement journey with tools, information and products.

Our products

Our Lifetime Mortgages can be taken as a lump sum with drawdown options or as a monthly income. Choose from Flexible (Flexible Lifetime Mortgage), Optional Payment (Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage) or Income (Income Lifetime Mortgage).