Watch this space: TV ad to help lifetime mortgage market grow 

We’ve kicked off a TV advertising campaign to raise awareness of our new Income Lifetime Mortgage - designed to help clients by providing a little extra income for a fixed term each month.

How can the advertising help my business? 

Research continues to highlight the need to raise consumer awareness and understanding about later life lending. Advertising is essential in helping to drive client enquiries; in the second half of 2018, we estimate that as much as 13% of our Lifetime Mortgage enquiries through intermediaries were as a direct result of our previous TV campaign. 

How can I help raise awareness of Lifetime Mortgages with my clients? 

  • Simple: start a conversation with them by asking if they have seen the advert on TV.
  • You can show clients how an Income Lifetime Mortgage could work by showing one of our simple case studies.

Take a look at our ad:

Our Lifetime Mortgage TV ad video

Transcript: Our Lifetime Mortgage TV ad

Voiceover: Imagine getting an income to do more of the things you love.

Female VO: My weekends away with the girls? My home helps pay for it.

Voiceover: Are you a homeowner aged 55 or over? You could top up your monthly income with our Income Lifetime Mortgage from a minimum of £200 every month for 10, 15, 20 or 25 years.

Onscreen text: Legal & General Income Lifetime Mortgage. A lifetime mortgage is a type of equity release. It’s a loan secured on your home. There is an initial loan amount. Once the fixed income term ends, the monthly income stops.

Male VO: My weekly catch-ups? My home helps pay for it.

Female VO: But you know what happened last time.

Male VO: I’ve never seen you go quite so red.

Onscreen text: Interest continues to compound until the lifetime mortgage is repaid. Amount released subject to individual circumstances.

Female VO: I did go red.

Male VO: My room-by-room makeover? My home helps pay for it.

Onscreen text: Loan and compound interest repaid when last borrower dies or moves into long-term care.

Female VO: My days out with this cheeky monkey? My home helps pay for it. Did you do it? Yes

Grandson VO: Yes

Onscreen text: May affect means-tested benefits, inheritance tax and the size of your estate. You may have cheaper ways to borrow money. Arrangement fee applies.

Main VO: To find out more about our Income Lifetime Mortgage and how your home could help pay for more of the little things in retirement, call us today on 0808 278 7272 or go online.

Main VO: Legal & General. For a more colourful retirement.