We offer products to help you meet your client's needs when planning for and throughout their retirement.

Retirement savings

Past pension products

If your client holds a product that we no longer sell, you can find more information and literature to help you and your client to top up, transfer in, or choose new funds.

Retirement income

Our retirement income products include lifetime annuities that reflect health and lifestyle conditions, and fixed term products. The fixed term products are designed to generate an income for your client, to guarantee a maturity value at the end of a defined period, or both.

Pension Annuity

Allows your clients to plan their future knowing what their income will be each year, confident that payments won't fall, with the choice of a fixed or increasing income.

Fixed Term Retirement Plan

A contract that allows your clients to receive regular income payments over a term of between 3 and 40 years, with a fixed maturity payment at the end of the term.

Cash-Out Retirement Plan

The Cash-Out Retirement Plan is a fixed term contract that allows your clients to receive regular income payments over a term of between 3 and 40 years.

Retirement lending

A lifetime mortgage allows your clients to unlock equity from their home without moving and is a loan secured against the client’s home.

Our Lifetime Mortgages can be taken as a lump sum with drawdown options or as a monthly income. Choose from Flexible (Flexible Lifetime Mortgage), Optional Payment (Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage) or Income (Income Lifetime Mortgage).


Your client can release some of the money tied up in their home as a cash lump sum or in smaller amounts as and when they need it.

Optional Payment

Let’s your client release some of the money tied up in their home, and can pay part or all of the monthly interest to reduce the overall cost of the loan.


Your client can release some of the money tied up in their home to provide a regular monthly income over a fixed term.


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