Tell your clients about our Income Lifetime Mortgage

To help you present the Income Lifetime Mortgage to your clients, we’ve prepared a marketing pack you can download and customise. 

When using these templates

Please note that these promotional materials are only suggested templates to support your marketing activities. We recommend that any promotional materials are checked by your Compliance team.

The content is your responsibility and you must ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are considered before sending to your clients or prospective clients.

No party shall have any right of action against Legal & General in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in these materials, or any other written or oral information made available in connection with these materials.

Nothing in this Information constitutes financial and/or investment advice.

A3 Posters


Download the A3 posters by clicking the images above. Or if you prefer A4 they can be downloaded using this link Income Lifetime Mortgage posters template A4    

Both sets of posters are print-ready. All you need to do is add your contact details and branding. You can have them printed externally or in-house. 

Download our leaflet and email template

Income Lifetime Mortgage leaflet Q0058327 

PDF file: Income Lifetime Mortgage email template PDF size: 259KB   

Leaflet printing instructions

To ensure correct formatting the leaflet should be printed along the short edge. This can be changed in Properties after selecting Print – see screenshot link below.

PDF file: Leaflet printing process PDF size: 294KB  

The leaflet and the email templates are also customisable. Once you’ve added your contact details and any other information, you can print and distribute the leaflet to clients or use it for a direct mailing campaign.