Our process and how to get a quote

We’ve worked to simplify the process to get a quote for our immediate needs annuity, the Lifetime Care Plan.

  1. 1

    Care fees questionnaire

    Complete this form with your client and their Power of Attorney if they have one.

    Then send this form, along with any Power of Attorney documentation to us. You can send the documents by either emailing them to lcp@landg.com or post to Legal & General Retirement, PO Box 809, Cardiff, CF24 0YL.

    PDF file: Care Fees Plan Questionnaire PDF size: 811KB  

    We've also created a guide that you can share with your clients, that explains the process of getting and accepting a quote for our Lifetime Care Plan.

    PDF file: Assessment Process Q0058905 PDF size: 2.5MB    

  2. 2

    Care Manager report

    We'll then request a Care Manager report from your client’s chosen care provider. If we don’t receive this back within 10 working days, we’ll continue to chase until we do.

  3. 3

    GP report

    We'll not always request a GP report, only where additional information is needed from our underwriters so we can provide a price.

    We'll normally be able to give you a price without needing a GP report because we expect the Care Manager's report to give us everything we need. This is a change to how the rest of the market currently operate and should allow us to get our quote to you quickly.

  4. 4

    Quote pack issued

    Our underwriting team will then provide a quote for your client which we’ll send to you along with a quote pack containing our key features, acceptance document, terms and conditions and care provider declaration.

    We believe, on average, our quotes are issued 21 days faster than the rest of the market.

Who should I contact if I have a query about my quote, application or policy?

New business
You can contact our team for quote or application queries:

Phone: 0345 070 2459
Email: lcp@landg.com

In payment
If an application has been accepted and is in payment, you can contact our in payments team:

Phone: 0345 766 0813
Email: paymentservices@landg.com

Call us Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.

Call charges will vary. We may record and monitor calls.