Key resources

There’s a few steps you need to take before you can start advising on lifetime mortgages. We’re here to make that journey as simple as possible. 

Follow the links below, where you can get set up and registered, understand the criteria your enquiry needs to meet, make an application, and find out more about our products. 

On the right, you can find all the key documents you’ll require when advising.

Getting started

To start advising, you’ll need to register with us on our KFI (Key Facts Illustration) portal, and wait for your welcome email and unique setup password. This should take around 24 hours.

Logging on for the first time

Once you’ve received your details, log on to the KFI portal and familiarise yourself with the different services available. If you need help navigating the site, call our friendly Sales Support team on 03330 048 444. Call charges vary. We may record and monitor calls.

Understanding your enquiry

Is the property and applicant suitable?

Please check our PDF file: Lifetime Mortgage Suitability Criteria Q0052420 PDF size: 85KB to ensure your application is suitable for a lifetime mortgage. If your application falls outside of this criteria, or if you have concerns or queries about suitability, please complete our View - Pre application query form.

Is the property value over £2m, or the loan over £750,000?

To make sure your client is set up with the correct loan to meet their financial situation, you’ll need to complete a View - Large loan application.

Is your firm registered with Eversheds?

Log on to the View - Eversheds Client Console, where you can review progress with your client's application.

Need to make an application?

Once you're registered, you can now make an application for your client.

View - Apply 

Need to amend an application?

If you'd like to amend an application or if you’ve already received an offer and you’d like us to re-offer the case on one of our new rates.

View - New offer request