Eligibility for Digital Broker Platform

Quotes already in progress or completed on Online Quote and Buy (OQB)

No new quotes can be produced after 21st February 2019 on OQB. However, to help you ensure that you're able to complete any business already in progress, our OQB system will still be available until 21st May 2019.

Can we quote?

Our Digital Broker Platform system can quote on group life and group income schemes that fit the below criteria.

For all online quotes

  • The quote is for 10 - 250 employees.
  • There are up to six categories (groups of employees who have the same basis of cover).
  • No employees work on offshore oil rigs or are permanently based overseas.
  • The employer doesn't currently self-insure any of the benefits.
  • There have been no more than two claims on existing or previous policies in the last five years.
  • The employees details you're using for the quote are less than three months old.
  • The policy must allow for all eligible employees to be covered. 

For group life assurance quotes

  • None of the employees are currently insured under a Group Life Assurance Benefit or Dependants' Pension policy with us.
  • Before we set up the policy, there’ll need to be a scheme to which we can pay claims.
  • No individual's benefit is more than £3million.
  • None of the employees are absent from work for three months or more because of a life threatening condition. 

For group income protection quotes

  • None of the employees are currently insured under a Group Income Protection policy with us.
  • No individual's benefit is more than £350,000.

If the criteria or circumstances do not meet any of the statements, please give us a call on 01273 372997 (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm - We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.) . We should be able to give you a quote, we'll just need a bit more information.

You can use Digital Broker Platform straight away if you have registered before. If not, you’ll need to register first.

Please refer to our Group Life Assurance technical guide and Group Income Protection technical guide for details of the cover we can provide, the options available and how we assess claims