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Can I add employees after a quote, but before the policy starts?

It's not necessary to get a new quote if the number of employees covered changes by 25% or less.

We can automatically include new employees for cover if they meet any quote terms for actively at work and medical evidence. 

You'll need to check if they are over the free limit. The list showing employees over the free limit, will only show those included in the employee details you gave for the quote.


Why does it help to enter a default correspondence address?

We’ll use this to send important information and updates for the policy. For example, we'll write to tell you about the up-to-date employee details we need for the next annual renewal date.

Why is the latest employee details required?

We want to keep our policy set up as simple as possible. 

We ask for employee details that are up to three months old when you set up the quote. There shouldn't be too many changes before you want cover to start, so we'll set up your policy and first account based on the employee details you gave for the quote. 

If you want to set up a policy using the latest employee details, you'll need to set up a new quote. The new quote may be different.

Why do you ask for the HMRC Pension Scheme Tax Reference when applying for Group Life Assurance?

If an employer provides Group Life Assurance using their own scheme, we'll need its HMRC Pension Scheme Tax Reference for the policy application. This confirms the scheme is registered, and we can treat the premiums and benefits correctly for tax purposes. We've designed our policy to only cover the benefits of a registered scheme.

If an employee requires medical underwriting, can I still start the policy?

You can start a policy before we medically underwrite an employee for benefits over the free limit. 

We can give up to 90 days temporary cover. Find out more about our temporary cover terms and limits in our technical guide for the relevant product.

Where we need medical evidence from an employee, they'll need to complete a Group Protection telephone interview contact sheet so we can arrange for a convenient time to contact them. 

We'll assess all the medical evidence to decide if we can offer cover and if any particular terms we apply are appropriate. 

If we do apply additional terms, these will apply straight away and we'll write to you to explain them. If this results in an increase in the premium and your client doesn't want to pay this, you can cancel the cover the increase is for, by telling us in writing within 30 days. Unless we tell you otherwise, this additional term will not affect the cover below the free limit.

If there’s more than one employer within a scheme, can I still start cover?

We can include up to four other participating employers under the policy. You must make sure you've included all eligible employees of the participating employers in the details you gave for the quote.

Where will I be able to access the policy documents?

These will be available to download at the end of the policy application process.

When will the premiums need to be paid?

Premiums paid yearly:

  • We'll need the first premium within 14 days of the policy start date.

Premiums paid monthly by direct debit:

  • You'll need to confirm the bank details when you set up the policy.
  • We'll collect the premiums each month. We'll give you the details of the monthly collections at the end of the policy application process.

How long is the quote guaranteed for?

We'll guarantee our quote for three months. You can start a policy any time in the guarantee period. If you want to start cover after this, you'll need to get a new quote.