Market leading rehabilitation support

Long absences from work due to ill health can have a big impact on your clients business and on their employee's health. That's why our marketing leading rehabilitation is focused on providing intervention for the employee at the earliest possible opportunity.

We place the employee at the heart of our approach - it’s the foundation of our rehabilitation philosophy. Providing tailored, individual care.

Market leading is based on 12% of all those covered, protected by our group income protection whilst supporting 26% of all those able to return to work within the deferred period.
The GRiD claims data survey was undertaken among its provider members and the figures are an accurate representation of the current Group Risk market in its entirety. Respondents provided figures for Group Life, Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness claims for 2019.

The importance of early intervention

Early intervention enables our team of trained in-house clinicians to talk to the individual and find out the root cause of their absence.

This vital assessment means that from the very outset, where appropriate, treatment and support for the individual can be put into place to enable the best outcome.

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