Market leading rehabilitation support

In 2018, we continued to support employees, providing seamless access through our in-house rehabilitation team to our expert partners. This approach allows us to appropriately provide individual outcomes for employees, giving them access to funded treatment, with medically qualified professionals, which enables them to get back to work quickly.

Market leading is based on 10% of all those covered, protected by our group income protection whilst supporting 18% of all those able to return to work within the deferred period.
The GRiD claims data survey was undertaken among its provider members and the figures are an accurate representation of the current Group Risk market in its entirety. Respondents provided figures for Group Life, Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness claims for 2018.

Our rehabilitation philosophy

All our intervention and treatment can happen without a GP-referral. We'll cover the cost of the treatment we recommend, with no additional cost to the employer and employee.

“It’s about early intervention and providing quick access to funded treatment”

“And we provide tailored, individual care and that’s what’s really important” 

Vanessa Sallows

Claims and Governance Director

Group Protection

Vanessa Video video