We’ve partnered up with Akademia TV to bring you CII accredited Group Protection videos. These videos aim to give you an insight into the Group Protection marketplace, to dispel some of the myths and show you how you can start to think about writing business in this space.

Video 2: Introducing you to Group Income Protection

In this video, our distribution director; Colin Fitzgerald provides an overview of Group Income Protection.

The video aims to put the spotlight on Group Income Protection, to highlight how important this benefit can be for both your clients and their employees. It aims to provide you with the information, on why you'd want to promote Group Income Protection and Group Protection to help your SME clients - a marketplace where this cover is undersold.

Introducing you to Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection video

This video looks into:

  • How Group Income Protection works.
  • How it can support an employer and employee through absence management.
  • The preventative treatments and tools available through providers, and how they can help towards maintaining employee wellness.
  • We also look at the tools that some Group Income Protection insurers could provide to the employer, designed to support an ill or injured employee back to work.

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GIP2 akademia

Video 1: Introduction to Group Protection

You can still find our first video below, which gives an informative introduction to the Group Protection marketplace. This video again features Colin Fitzgerald along with Andrew Shiner an adviser who specializes in Group Risk Protection for the Health Insurance Group.

By watching the videos and completing the criteria, you'll earn CPD points. Presented by Akademia, who produce CII accredited videos. The video also aims to give you an insight into how you could start to write business in this marketplace.

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Introduction to Group Protection

This video looks into:

  • The size and opportunity of the group protection market
  • Why IFAs should delve into the group protection market
  • How to approach the group protection market

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