22 June 2015

Help for employers with stroke survivors returning to work

Strokes affect 25% more people of working age (20-64) than 15 years ago, according to The Stroke Association. Would your clients know how to support an employee back into the workplace after a stroke? The Stroke Association's new guide is designed to help employers do just that.

More people of working age impacted by stroke

Research by the Stroke Association shows that a third of strokes happen to people of working age and numbers in people aged 40-54 have massively increased over the last 15 years:

  • Strokes amongst men aged between 40 and 54 have rocketed by almost 50% in less than 15 years
  • Strokes amongst women aged 40-54 has increased by almost a third (30%)
  • Overall, the number of strokes occurring in people of working age (20-64) has risen by a quarter within the past 15 years.

Practical support and tips for employers

Overall, stroke costs the UK economy around £9bn a year.

Loss of income, due to death and disability from stroke alone, is over £1.3billion each year.

Businesses play a crucial role in helping stroke survivors get back into the workplace and on the road to recovery.

The Stroke Association's free Guide to Stroke for Employers is packed full of practical support and tips on how to best to support someone who is ready to go back to work following a stroke.

Take a look at the guide and feel free to share it with your business customers.