Additional Benefits

A range of information, advice and services to help employees deal with issues and events in their everyday life.

We understand the importance of a healthy workforce so we are proud to be able to offer a range of additional benefits to your client. These additional benefits include information, advice and services to help their employees.

These benefits can:

  • help staff manage issues that could otherwise lead to absence;
  • motivate staff;
  • improve employee engagement;
  • reduce the impact of stress in the workplace; and
  • assist employees in every day matters

Whether your client is already insured by us or you’re thinking of insuring your client with us for the first time, you can show them the enhanced benefits we offer to our policyholders and their employees.

We have recently introduced discounted product offers for employees, as an additional benefit when any of our group protection products are taken out by their employer.

Additional benefits include:

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our EAP is available with all our group protection products. It's a positive, preventative programme of information, advice and services that help employees deal with events and issues in their everyday work and personal life.

Mental wellbeing

Support for employers and their employees to help lift the mental health taboo and encourage more conversations in the workplace about mental health. Through our NotARedCard campaign, we’re using the symbolism of the Red Card which in many sports is the ultimate punishment for bad or inappropriate behavior.

Our bespoke NotARedCard website contains tips, resources and information on helping managers and employees start the conversation with their colleagues.

Umbrella Benefits

As part of our group protection offering your client can qualify for a range of discounts under our Umbrella Benefits Scheme. We have launched our first Umbrella Benefit with life insurance and will be aiming to add further discounts to help your client get more value out of their group protection products.