Group Income Protection

Aims to provide your clients’ employees with a regular income if they cannot work because of long-term sickness or injury. Includes rehabilitation support to help employees back to work where appropriate.



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Suitable for Group Life Assurance and Group Income Protection schemes insuring from 10 employees upwards.

Product details

Minimum policy size

From 10 employees.

Maximum policy size

No maximum.

Types of benefit and limits

The benefit the employee is covered for must not exceed £350,000 a year.

Employer and employee pension contributions can also be covered, up to a total of £75,000 a year.

The total of an employee’s benefit plus their pension contributions, cannot be more than 80% of their scheme earnings.

Employer NI contributions can also be covered.

Plus, we offer an integrated option where the amount we pay is offset against state benefits.

Benefit levels and payment terms

Choose different benefit levels for defined groups of employees.

Benefits can be paid up until the benefit termination age or of a maximum of 2, 3 or 5 years.

Free limit

Typically, up to £120,000 benefit per annum can be covered without the need for medical underwriting. The limit depends on the size of the policy and the benefit choices.

Employees will be medically underwritten if their cover is above the free limit. Temporary cover of up to 90 days is available during medical underwriting, subject to conditions.

Benefit escalation options

No escalation

A fixed rate of up to 5% per year

RPI subject to a maximum of 2.5% or 5%

CPI subject to a maximum of 2.5% or 5%

Definitions of incapacity

Own occupation – an illness or injury prevents the employee performing duties essential to their role.

Suited occupation – an illness or injury prevents the employee doing all jobs that are suitable to their experience, training or education.

We also offer own occupation switching to suited occupation. Bespoke requirements can also be considered.

Employee eligibility

All employees, or those that fit the employer’s predefined eligibility definitions.

Age range

Employees between 16 and 70 can be covered.

Deferred periods

Benefit payments can begin after 13, 26, 28, 39, 52 or 104 weeks of incapacity.

Premium payments

Can be made monthly or annually.



Wellbeing support

Through our comprehensive EAP and market-leading rehabilitation services we aim to provide better outcomes for employees that enable them to get back to work quicker, where appropriate.

Care Concierge

Provided by Legal & General Health and Care

Only when elder care for a loved one needs to be considered does the realisation set in that the long-term care system is confusing and very complex. To support employees during this often emotionally charged and stressful period, we’ve introduced Care concierge. This telephone service and the online care service platform, provides employees with access to a care expert for guidance about a loved one’s later life care needs.

More about Care Concierge


Making a Group Income Protection claim


Notify us about a claim

Claims can be made by completing our online Absence Notification form


Member statement

When we receive the Absence Notification form we will contact the employee and ask them to complete a Member Statement. The employee will be able to complete this online if we are provided with their personal email address on the Absence Notification form.


Claims management and support

Where appropriate we will refer the claim to our in-house clinical team to assess what support we can provide to facilitate a return to work before the end of the deferred period. We will provide updates throughout the process.


Claim payments

In some cases, an employee may not be able to return to work before the end of the deferred period. In these circumstances, provided medical information supports the absence and the claim meets the definition of incapacity on the policy, we'll start to pay benefits monthly in arrears to the employer.

We'll continue to review the employee’s condition regularly to make sure the claim continues to meet the definition of incapacity on the policy, to understand if any support can be provided to facilitate a return to work and to enable us to continue to provide regular updates to the employer.


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