Group Life Insurance

Pays a lump sum, or a dependants’ pension to the family of an employee who dies whilst covered by the policy.




Scheme set up and trust documentation can be found here or in our Document Library

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Suitable for Group Life Assurance and Group Income Protection schemes insuring from 10 employees upwards.

Product details

Minimum policy size

From 10 employees.

Maximum policy size

No maximum.

Scheme options

Legal & General Registered Group Life Mastertrust.

Legal & General Relevant Life Mastertrust.

Employer’s registered scheme.

Employer’s excepted group life scheme.

Amount of benefit

Multiple of earnings or a fixed lump sum of up to £10m.

Employers can choose to insure all or part of the benefit payable to employees.

Different levels of benefits can be chosen for defined groups of employees.

Free limit

This is the maximum amount of cover we can provide before we ask for medical underwriting.

Up to £1.8m depending on policy size and benefit choices.

Employee eligibility

All employees, or those that fit predefined eligibility definitions.

Cover for equity partners and LLP members that fit predefined eligibility definitions.

Age range

Between 16 and 75.

Joining dates

As soon as the employee becomes eligible, or monthly or annually.

Premium payments

Can be made monthly or annually.

No minimum premium. Unit rates are usually guaranteed for up to two years.

Cover during temporary absence

If employee is absent due to illness or injury, we’ll continue cover up to the maximum age as long as they remain eligible for cover.

If employee is absent for another reason, such as sabbatical, we’ll continue cover for three years.

If earnings reduce during absence, an employee’s cover will remain at the level they had before their absence.

Options to protect cover against inflation and for different durations, plus maintain cover for up to 24 months after redundancy are also available.

Medical underwriting

We can usually cover most employees without needing personal health details. However, there will be times when we need to ask employees about their health and hobbies to help us decide if we can cover them.

If your client is switching from an existing insured scheme to us, we can usually cover the employees their previous insurer had already underwritten.

Claims history discount

We consider past claims history when working out the unit rate. A good claims history usually means the premiums will be lower than for a bad claims history.

What you need to know

Wellbeing support

Included in the cost of Group Life Insurance is access to our comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme and Care Concierge.

Designed to keep employees healthy and happy at work, our EAP provides support for all employees of clients who are covered with us, even if the policy doesn’t cover them. This support from our award-winning provider, Health Assured, is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Employee Assistance Programme brochure


Employee Assistance Programme

Benefits available

Telephone support

Calls are handled by experienced counsellors and advisers who offer confidential support every day of the year. Support is also available for immediate family members of the employee covered.

Immediate crisis intervention

Qualified counsellors offer support in coping with the aftermath of a critical incident.

Legal information service

Help with debt management. Tax-related matters, legal procedures, consumer disputes, property or neighbour legalities.

Medical information

Qualified nurses are on hand to offer medical information and practical advice about a range of medical or health-related issues.

Bereavement counselling for dependants

Available to the immediate family of an employee who dies while covered by our Group Life Insurance.

Can include:

  • Face to face counselling
  • Practical help with the will or dependant care for example
Online EAP

Access to guides, links and webinars on how to cope with life events.

Includes self-help tools such as a health risk assessment and giving up smoking.

My Healthy Advantage

A health and wellbeing app for employees which can help them to manage issues impacting their mental, financial, social and physical wellbeing.

Support for employers
  • Management information about the EAP service.
  • Account management support for schemes with more than 1,000 employees to help promote the EAP.
Health Assured video

Care Concierge

Provided by Legal & General Health and Care

Only when elder care for a loved one needs to be considered does the realisation set in that the long-term care system is confusing and very complex. To support employees during this often emotionally charged and stressful period, we’ve introduced Care concierge. This telephone service and the online care service platform, provides employees with access to a care expert for guidance about a loved one’s later life care needs.

More about Care Concierge


Making a group life claim


Online death registry

Wherever possible we’ll use the Government Death Register online service to support the claim, so we may not need the original death certificate.

However, the online service is limited, and we will need an original certificate confirming death in any of the following circumstances:

  • the employee died outside the UK
  • the claim form is sent within 10 working days of the death being registered
  • only a coroner’s interim certificate has been issued
  • the policy is set up to pay through our Mastertrust or
  • the total benefit claimed in respect of the employee is £1.25m or higher.

The claim form will confirm if we need an original death certificate. If it is needed, we require the original as it’s not possible to use a copy as evidence of death.


Claim payments

Once we’ve received all the relevant information and the claim is accepted, our experienced claims team aim to pay lump sum life assurance to the scheme trustees or begin Dependants’ Pension payments within 5 working days.


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0345 026 0094
Lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

We may record and monitor calls.

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We may record and monitor calls.