Making a claim

The insured employee needs to meet the definition of incapacity set in the policy before a claim can be made. Payments usually start within five working days from when we accept the claim.

Step 1

Complete the  PDF file: Group income protection absence notification claim form PDF size: 677KB  and send this to us.

Step 2

We need the absent employee to complete a PDF file: Group income protection member's statement PDF size: 203KB (we may ask for more medical evidence, if we do, we'll pay for the cost of any examinations we ask for).

Step 3

Once all information has been received, the claim will be assessed.

Step 4

We always encourage the employer to maintain regular contact with the employee as this can be key in helping them feel valued and part of the team. This could also help the employee feel less isolated and concerned about returning to work.

What if an employee can't return to work?

In some cases, an employee may not be able to return to work before the end of the deferred period. In these circumstances, provided medical information supports the absence, we'll start to pay benefits monthly in arrears to the employer. We’ll continue to pay benefit until the employee’s illness or injury stops meeting the policy definition of incapacity, or they leave employment or reach the age we’ve agreed to end benefit payments. It is the employer's responsibility to deduct income tax and a national insurance contribution before any benefit is paid to the employee.

During this absence, we'll continue to review the employee’s condition regularly to help assess their progress to make sure the employer has up to date information.