Making a claim

Step 1 - Claim Notification

Complete the online Absence Notification Form here

Step 2 - Member Statement

Upon receipt of the claim we will contact the member and ask them to complete a Member’ Statement. The member will be able to complete this online if you provide us with their personal email address when submitting the claim.

Step 3 - Claims Management & Support

Where appropriate we will refer the claim to our in-house rehabilitation team to assess what support we can provide to facilitate a return to work before the end of the deferred period.

Throughout the claims process our experienced claims team will provide updates to support the absence management until a return to work can be achieved.

Step 4 - Claim Payments

In some cases, an employee may not be able to return to work before the end of the deferred period. In these circumstances, provided medical information supports the absence, we'll start to pay benefits monthly in arrears to the employer.

We'll continue to review the employee’s condition regularly to ensure the claim remains medically valid, understand if any support can be provided to support a return to work and to enable us to continue to provide regular updates.

We always encourage the employer to maintain regular contact with the employee throughout their absence; maintaining an employer and employee relationship can be key in supporting the employee making a successful return to work.