Setting up a policy

The employer will need to decide the eligibility conditions, including who can join and when, plus the level of cover they want to provide.

Minimum number of insured employees We normally need a minimum of 50 employees to set up the policy. However if you want group income protection and have between 10 and 250 employees, you may be able to get a quote through our Online Quote and Buy system.
Who can be covered  Any employees that satisfy the eligibility conditions set out by the employer and agreed by us.
Maximum individual cover
  • An employee's cover must not exceed £350,000 a year.
  • The total pension contributions must not be more than £75,000 a year.
  • The total of an employee's cover and the employee's own pension contributions must not exceed 80% of their earnings.

Once the quote is accepted and all the information we ask for in the quote has been provided, starting cover can usually be straightforward.

  • Make sure there are no outstanding requirements from our quote before cancelling existing arrangements with the current insurer.
  • Confirm the assumptions we've made in our quote.
  • Let us know the date cover should start from (cover cannot be backdated).

We'll send a confirmation letter, including the policy number, our medical underwriting requirements, a copy of the quote and invoice. We'll need a completed proposal form within 14 days. We'll then provide a policy document and a final account.

We don't normally need to know about salary increases during the year, unless the increase takes the cover over the free limit. Our rate guarantee is normally for two years and depending on the accounting basis chosen, any changes in cover will usually be swept up at the next renewal date, along with new entrants and leavers.