Registered scheme tax advantages without the hassle

Joining our Group Life Mastertrust allows your client to avoid the hassle of setting up and running their own registered scheme. Our master trust is available to all our registered lump sum Group Life Assurance customers.

  • Save time - Our ready-made solution means your client doesn't have to set up and register their own scheme.
  • Reduce administration - We'll run the scheme, fill in relevant HM Revenue & Customs reports and keep up-to-date with registered scheme tax laws. Experienced trustees will consider the employee's wishes and circumstances, paying the benefit directly to their beneficiaries.
  • No extra cost - Free to join, and no extra charge for benefit payments if your client gives us the details of the employee's circumstances that we ask for.

For more information about our master trust and how to join, please read our PDF file: Mastertrust brochure for group life assurance PDF size: 1.1MB .

Our Group Life Mastertrust is only available for registered lump sum Group Life Assurance.

If your client wants to set up their own scheme, or needs a scheme for a Dependants' Pension or an Excepted Group Life Policy:

  • Choose A Scheme Type gives details of the different scheme types we insure.
  • Set Up and Manage A Scheme gives specimen documents your client may want to use.