Set up and manage a scheme

Specimen documents for your client' group life assurance scheme

We provide specimen trusts and rules that your client can use to set up their own group life assurance scheme. We also provide specimen deeds to help your client keep these trust rules up to date.

Read our  to find out about our specimen documents in more detail.

Your client should talk to their legal adviser before signing a document to make sure their needs are met. Our specimen documents are in an editable format.

Choose from the frequently downloaded documents below. Call or email us if you can't find the document you need.

Your client’s own scheme for employees

Group Life Mastertrust

Tell us about scheme changes

Remember to keep the policy up-to-date and tell us about scheme changes. Use our PDF file: Group protection change of policyholder form PDFsize: 197KB to tell us if:

  • the principal employer changes;
  • the trustees change;
  • the policy is assigned to a different scheme; or
  • you want to join or leave our Group Life Mastertrust.