Making a claim

Once you’ve sent us the information we need, our experienced claims team aims to pay life assurance policy claims within five working days.

If you are making a claim on a standard Group Life Assurance or Dependants’ Pension policy, you can submit a claim online here.

For all other Group Life Assurance policies below please complete the relevant claim form and return to us using the contact details

Non-standard claim forms:


Online death registry

Wherever possible we’ll use the Government Death Register online service to support the claim so you don’t have to send us a death certificate. Please note, the online service is limited and we will need an original certificate confirming death in any of the following circumstances:

  • the member died outside the UK;
  • the claim form is sent within 10 working days of the death being registered;
  • only a coroner’s interim certificate has been issued;
  • the policy is set up to pay through our Group Life Mastertrust; or
  • the total benefit claimed in respect of the member is £1.25 million or higher.

Our claim form will prompt you if we need a certificate.

Please send an original certificate if it’s needed. UK certificates confirming death are protected by Crown Copyright, and cannot lawfully be reproduced without prior consent. While a copy may be taken for an individual or organisation’s own record keeping, it’s not possible to use that copy as evidence of death.