Legal & General and Me

Our Legal & General and Me campaign puts a spotlight on our customer's employees and our colleagues. The campaign provides a personal insight into the value our support provides in the moments that matter most.

It also showcases the passion and purpose of our colleagues here at Legal & General Group Protection, and how we work together to provide the ‘Legal & General difference’ that our clients and their employees deserve.

The Legal & General difference

Colleagues from across the Group Protection and individual retail business provide a personal view on the service they provide and talk about their role in providing the ‘Legal & General difference’, when it comes to helping employees that become long term absent from work due to illness or injury.

The support we provide

Sarah - Legal & General Group income protection claimant video

Meet Sarah

Sarah is one of our Group income protection claimants. Sarah was a Clinical Researcher, planning and running large scale clinical trials for a wide range of medical conditions, including Cancer. She held a high-level, high-pressure job for many years. Sarah kindly agreed to talk to us about the events that happened in her life that contributed to her becoming absent from work and how the support from Legal & General helped.

Meet Emma

Emma shares her experience of the care and support she recieved from                      Legal & General, through her employer having a group income protection policy with us.

Emma was diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopaphy, which severely affected her eyesight.

As a result, Emma suffered from recurring haemorrhages in both eyes, had to undergo two surgeries and became long term absent from work.

How we support our customers – Meet Emma video

How our employees make a difference

Legal & General and Me - Meet Emma (Video 2) video

Meet Nuriye

Nuriye is a Group Income Protection Claims Assessor at Legal & General. Nuriye talks about the parts of her job that she’s proud of, and how she feels we make a difference to employee's lives, with regards to taking the stress away from them when they’re going through tough times in their lives.



Our outcomes focussed approach to health and wellbeing

We’re extremely proud of our outcomes focussed approach to health and wellbeing, and in particular, the support we provide to long term sick or injured employees, in enabling them to get better and, where possible, return to work.

Under our Group Income Protection Get Better pillar, employees can be supported by an extensive range of vocational rehabilitation services. Our expert team build a care pathway around the individual by tailoring support to the employee’s needs and circumstances. We see the person – not the illness. Where appropriate, we'll fund support without the need for a GP referral or NHS waiting lists.

Full range of rehabilitation services

Provided through our Group Income Protection

Mental health care pathway

From mental health training for line managers to clinical assessment and return to work planning, we understand the importance of early intervention to support workplace mental health.

What we offer

Work related stress care pathway

Provides employees with the right support to help them through stressful times in their lives.

What we offer


Neurodiversity pathway

Having a neurodiverse condition can impact an employee’s mental health so it’s important that every company has the right access to support for their colleagues.

What we offer

Cancer care pathway

Helping employees access the right support during cancer treatment and recovery. Provides quick and easy access to resources, from counselling to creating a tailored return to work.

What we offer


Musculoskeletal care pathway

Helps employers minimise risks for employees and build in systems for early reporting of symptoms, proper treatment and suitable rehabilitation.

What we offer


Relapse prevention

Employees receive access to an online 12-month mental health relapse prevention programme with Onebright following a return-to-work intervention. It includes information, modules and resources to help employees stay well. The aim is to maintain recovery, help them monitor their wellbeing, and take action when needed.

Specialist healthcare partners

As well as access to our medically qualified in-house clinical team, we can also provide employees with support from specialist healthcare partners.

Our full range of wellbeing support

Through our group protection products, we offer access to a wide range of wellbeing support that is provided at no additional cost.

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