The Pathway Funds offer members a flexible approach to investing their pension savings. They allow the member to match their investment strategy to a ‘target date range’, which will normally be aligned to the date at which they currently plan to retire or access their pension savings.

Please note that the five year target range for each fund begins and ends at the start of July. This means, for example, that if the member's target retirement date is in 2050 they will need to consider whether the 2045-2050 Pathway Fund or the 2050-2055 Pathway Fund is more likely to fit their plans.

This type of fund is relatively new in the UK. They are often referred to as target date funds or TDFs. The idea is that the member saves in a single fund along with other people who have a similar target retirement date in mind.

For more information on how our Pathway Funds work, see PDF file: View - L&G Pathway Funds PDF size: 108KB  and our PDF file: View - Guide for members PDF size: 1.52MB .

The Pathway Fund range is available on the plans listed below.

Worksave Pension Plan
We have two different generations of funds for our Worksave Pension Plan (Generation 3 funds end with 3, Generation 25 funds have no number at the end). To see the relevant Pathway Fund information, please ensure that you select the correct option below.