18 November 2014

Changes to Worklife Solutions

We regularly review the products and services we offer to make sure they provide what our customers want. The take-up rate for Workplace Rewards, which is part of Worklife Solutions, has been very low and so Workplace Rewards is being withdrawn. The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that's available with all our group protection products is unaffected by these changes.

Worklife Solutions is our collection of free benefits and services designed to support employers and help their employees to maintain a healthier work-life balance.

A recent review of take-up rates within Worklife Solutions clearly showed that some benefits are more popular than others, especially the extensive EAP.

Workplace Rewards has a very low take-up rate and will be withdrawn. The benefit will be available until 31 December 2014.

Literature is being updated to reflect this change and messages will be added to relevant webpages explaining the withdrawal.

Extensive EAP is still available with all our group protection products

We are the only group protection provider that offers an EAP with all of our group products.

Many of the EAP benefits are available to all employees, including those not covered by the policy.

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