18 October 2019

Happy birthday to us! Our award winning Wellbeing hub is a year old!

It’s been a year since we launched our financial wellbeing hub to give as much support as we can to members of our pension schemes as they navigate life’s monetary ups and downs. Now over 1.4 million members have access to the hub.

Our aim was to promote financial resilience at every stage of people’s working lives while encouraging them to plan for their retirement.

Since launching our site in October 2018, we’ve expanded our brief to take into account more than just financial wellbeing. Today, our 'Quick reads' section also features issues which affect mental and physical health.

So, if members of our pension schemes ever get time for a quick break at work, they can now find out how to spot the signs of stress that might be preventing them from performing at their best. Or they find out more about keeping fit or boosting their emotional health with a spot of volunteering in their community.

Award-winning support for our scheme members and their employers

Our hub was designed with the needs of ordinary pension savers in mind. We researched the range of help most people needed and found that support to tackle some common crunch-points in life were essential including:

  • coping with debt
  • managing on a budget
  • buying a home
  • saving for major events like weddings
  • starting a family

We signpost visitors to sources of independent help such as the Money and Pensions Service (formerly Money Advice Service) and respected debt advice agencies so they’re in safe hands. We continue to work with our clients and their members so that we can expand the hub where there is a need for more support.

Employers who’ve chosen us as their company’s preferred pension provider are given the hub as a free benefit for their staff to access. Since financial worries can be very distracting and even compromise workplace performance, we believe that in supporting employees, we’re also helping their employers.

Wellbeing Initiative of the Year 2019

And we’re delighted that in our first year, we’ve been recognised in the 2019 Workplace Savings and Benefits awards as Wellbeing Initiative of the Year.

We’re continuing to evolve our wellbeing services so we can keep being here for pension savers when they need us – at whatever stage they are in their lives. Keep an eye out for new developments coming soon.

We’d be delighted to show you what’s available, so get in touch.