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Aon has chosen Legal & General as their chosen guaranteed income provider. Unless otherwise indicated, all references to 'us', 'we' and 'our' on this website indicate Legal & General.

Established in 1836, Legal & General is one of the UK's leading financial services groups and a major global investor, with over £1.4 trillion in total assets under management at 9 March 2022. 

By coming via Aon you can apply for our Pension Annuity, Fixed Term Retirement Plan or Cash-Out Retirement Plan. If you choose a Pension Annuity, we'll provide you with a quote and also let you know if you could get a higher income from another provider in the market.

If a higher income is available from another provider we'll introduce you to Annuity Ready, our whole of market annuity panel service. At quote, simply click on “Agree, take me to Annuity Ready”, enter your name, date of birth, and your postcode, to use the service and to see quotes from other providers. It’s important to do this to ensure you consider the highest annuity offer.

If you would like information on Pension Drawdown, you will need to return back to Aon.

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your pension pot

You're working out what to do with a pension pot or several pension pots, to support your retirement.

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tax and the State Pension

You're looking to plan for your retirement and considering the impact of tax, and understanding your basic retirement income.

Guaranteed income for life

Pension Annuity

Use your pension pot to buy a guaranteed, regular income for life.
Peace of mind knowing exactly how much you’ll receive and when.
Pension Annuity

Guaranteed income for a set period

Cash-Out Retirement Plan

Use your pension pot to buy a regular income for up to 25 years
Use to fill a gap until a different source of income starts
Cash-Out Retirement Plan

Guaranteed income for a set period with a lump sum at the end

Fixed Term Retirement Plan

Use your pension pot to buy a regular income for up to 25 years, with a lump sum at the end
The security of regular income for a set period, with a lump sum, to make a decision later on
Fixed Term Retirement Plan

Need some help?

Making decisions about financing your retirement is important so it’s worth shopping around and using available guidance and advice, before you buy. Other providers may have more appropriate products or be able to offer a higher level of retirement income.

Retirement guidance

Pension Wise from MoneyHelper

The Government’s free and impartial service, offering guidance to make money and pension choices clearer.

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