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Our actuaries are natural problem solvers who always look for ways to see life differently



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Our actuaries are detailed and numerically educated, but they also understand the importance of their decisions on a ground level. Our Actuaries will cover all aspects from corporate pension plans to determining the cost of insurance premiums, with the potential to move up to leadership roles. Whether you’re protecting new homes or growing investments, join our world-class team and make the numbers mean more.

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Behind all of our figures is a detailed back story, which makes our Actuarial roles anything but familiar.




Risk Analyst

What's a career as an actuary like?

Ever wondered what the job of an actuary is like – or even what exactly they do?

Meet Vibha, Business Solutions Analyst, who tells us her take on becoming an actuary – and what kind of person would suit a career in this varied and fast-paced field.

What's a career as an actuary like? video

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Future talent

With the next generation being talented, diverse and bringing a new perspective, we’re pretty excited.