Community guidelines

Social media use

We want our social media profiles to be vibrant communities where you can be as involved as you like. Everyone is welcome but we do have some ground rules.

Getting in touch

Please don't share any personal information publicly on our social media channels. If you need to contact us, send a secure message or an email at This is to help protect your privacy.

Social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc, are informal third-party channels. If you'd like and a formal response from us, please contact our customer services teams or you can find our complaints process here. We actively monitor all profile comments at replies and direct messages, but we don't monitor all our account 24 hours a day and may therefore be unable to respond to every comment you make. We try to answer all relevant and appropriate questions directed at a particular feed.

As a regulated financial services company there are things, we can't talk about online so please don't think we're ignoring you if we don't respond. In particular, we don't offer financial tax accounting or legal advice on social media channels, so we strongly recommend you seek a qualified professional for this type of advice.

Social media moderation

We'd like you to join in with the conversation we have online. If you'd like to share videos or photos, please make sure you have permission to do so. We value your opinions both positive and negative. You don't have to agree with us or the rest of the community we simply ask that you treat this with respect.

Comments and opinions are the responsibility of the people who post them. We don't adopt, endorse or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others and such content does not represent the views of Legal & General.