19 May 2017

Time to travel?

Visiting family, enjoying life, perhaps even travelling to far-flung destinations...even short trips can be an adventure.

Many retirees feel this is the busiest time of their lives. But many will also have more leisure time and this may be a golden opportunity to start exploring the world. With a well-planned and regular income, it’s much easier to plan ahead for trips away. You can shop around for the best deal but, more importantly, you may come across opportunities that let you travel more frequently – sometimes to places you hadn’t considered before.

Where to go?

Imagine watching the sun rise over Niagara Falls. Just think of the memories you’d make on a long trip down the Nile.

If you’ve always wanted the ‘holiday of a lifetime’, then now may be the perfect time to plan a long-haul voyage overseas. There are lots of travel agencies that specialise in holidays for older travellers, giving you the opportunity to explore in comfort and travel with like-minded people.

That said, don’t forget Great Britain. There’s so much to discover here too – from city breaks to trips that take in the Highlands, islands, and lowlands of our countryside.

How to get there

Wherever you go and however you choose to get there, we have a few tips to make every trip as happy as it can be:

  • Travel during off-peak times and seasons – booking flights and train tickets in advance may be cheaper.
  • Look for and ask for discounts as retirees – you never know what you’ll find, don’t be shy when it comes to saving money.
  • Budget wisely, enjoy every moment – add a little ‘cushion’ of money to your trip to cover unexpected treats.
  • Consider annual travel insurance – it may be cheaper to buy an annual policy, if you’re going away more than once.

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