Eligibility criteria

  • Minimum age: 55
  • Maximum age: 90 (the lifetime mortgage must complete before their 91st birthday)
  • Property condition: standard construction, in a good state of repair and free of any tenancy restrictions
  • Minimum loan amount: £10,000
  • Minimum property value: £100,000 or over
  • Location: England, Wales or mainland Scotland

Is a lifetime mortgage right for your customer?

They won't have to move out of their home

A lifetime mortgage means your customer can stay in their own home, but still access the money tied up in it.

No negative equity guarantee

Whatever happens to the value of the customer’s property, they will never owe more than the price it is sold for. Subject to terms and conditions.

Fixed interest rates

The rates for a Legal & General Lifetime Mortgage are fixed so they will never change during the life of the loan.

Option to make payments

Your customer can opt to pay all, some or none of the monthly interest. If they choose pay all of the interest each month, the balance will never change. Any unpaid interest is added to loan.

Lifetime mortgages are portable

If your customer wants to move home in the future, they can port the loan to the new property.

Lifetime mortgage calculator

This calculator helps you see how much equity your customer could release with a lifetime mortgage, a loan secured against their home. 

I am years old
My home is worth around
I'm looking to release

This is a guide to the lifetime mortgage products we offer and not advice or a personal recommendation. You can only buy a lifetime mortgage through a financial adviser.

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Customer stories

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