Rehabilitation and claims experience

Through our group income protection, we provided expert rehabilitation in 2018

An Introduction to Employee Assistance Programmes

View our EAP webinar and discover how our free of charge employee assistance programme can assist your employees with every day issues like stress and personal crisis – helping to reduce absences and improve workplace productivity.

We’ve Improved Our Group Income Protection Claims Process By Introducing Docusign

We have enhanced our Group Income Protection (GIP) claims experience by introducing DocuSign, an electronic signature functionality for employees on key GIP claim forms. DocuSign eliminates the need to sign mandatory documents manually and send them via post, providing a more efficient, simple and secure claims process for GIP.

Not A Red Card

Visit our Not A Red Card website to access a range of free resources including articles, blogs and videos on improving mental health in the workplace.

Group life assurance

A lump sum benefit that is normally paid tax free up to the lifetime allowance or as a dependants pension, or both when an insured employee dies in service.

Benefits to you

  • A more competitive and attractive benefits package helps you recruit and keep the right staff.
  • Premiums will normally qualify for tax relief depending on scheme choices, including Excepted Group Life policies, also known as relevant life policies.

Group income protection

Provides an income when an insured employee is unable to work long term due to illness or injury. Where appropriate, we can provide early intervention and rehabilitation.

Benefits to you

  • Reducing the impact from long term absence costs
  • Providing support, where appropriate, to help employees back to work

Group critical illness cover

A tax-free cash lump sum if your employee has been diagnosed with a specified serious illness or condition.

Benefits to you

  • Covers most major conditions as standard and more can be added but there are some exclusions
  • Automatically covers children of your insured employees at no extra cost

Flexible and voluntary benefits

Flexible and voluntary benefits

Flexible and voluntary benefit arrangements help allow you to offer a range of benefits valued by your employees, which may also reflect your organisation’s culture.

Benefits to you

  • Attractive benefits package with wider range
  • Employee engagement in their benefits
  • Manage your costs

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