Additional Benefits

We all want our employees to stay healthy and feel good, physically and mentally. We understand how important that is to your business, we are proud to offer a range of additional benefits including information, advice and services to help employees deal with issues and events in their everyday life.

  1. These benefits have been designed to:

    • help staff manage issues that could otherwise lead to absence;
    • motivate staff;
    • improve engagement; and
    • reduce stress in the workplace.
  2. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

    Our EAP is available with all our group protection products. It's a positive, preventative programme of information, advice and services that help employees deal with events and issues in their everyday work and personal life. The features include:

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  3. Life support

    Unlimited access to support for emotional and practical problems, available 24/7.

    Manager consultation/ Coaching

    A free service where line managers can discuss difficult or challenging situations and receive help on how to deal with them. We have various information sheets available online.

    Immediate crisis intervention

    Provided through telephone counselling teams supported by clinical supervisors. It is available 24/7 and includes a 30 minute counselling session if appropriate.

    Mental Wellbeing

    Mental wellbeing support for you and your employees to help lift the mental health taboo and encourage more conversations in the workplace about mental health.

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  4. Umbrella benefits

    As part of our group protection offering your employees can qualify for a range of discounts under our Umbrella Benefits scheme. We’ve launched with a discount on life insurance and will aiming to add further Umbrella Benefits for your employees.

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