EAP webinar

  1. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) webinar

    Gemma Lee, our Client Relationship Manager and Chris Ford, Head of Employer Services take you through our comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) benefits that supports all our Group Protection policies.

    The EAP is integral to our Group income protection (gip) proposition, with preventative interventions, that can help reduce the impact of absence and improve workplace productivity by using a wide range of support tools. These tools are available to all gip customers’ employees; offering additional value add at no extra cost.

    EAP video

    Take a look at our Employee Assistance Programme for more information

  2. Contact Us

    Chris Ford

    Head of Employer Services

    Tel: 07392 121800

    Email: chris.ford@landg.com

    Gemma Lee

    Client Relationship Manager

    Tel: 07469 406840

    Email: gemma.lee@landg.com

    To learn more about what our products can cover and how we assess claims, please refer to the technical guides. Our EAP is provided with all our group protection policies at no extra cost, it isn’t available on a standalone basis.