Market leading early intervention and rehabilitation

There are a lot of reasons to work with us. From our own inhouse, medically qualified, expert clinicians, and the treatment we fund via our expert healthcare partners, to the proportion of employees able to return to work before return to work before benefit payments commence.

Our focus on expert care for the employee aims for a reduced length of absence enabling a quicker return to work, and this is a great support for businesses.

Market leading early intervention and rehabilitation, video

Benefits to employees

  • Employees are supported at a time when they need it most
  • Reduced anxiety in dealing with an expert third-party to manage the return to work, and any adjustments needed from their employer.
  • Quick access to treatment, which increases the chance of better outcomes.
  • Treatment arranged on employee’s behalf, with no need for a GP-referral.
  • Treatment provided by experts in their field, including mental health, physiotherapy and vocational rehabilitation.

Benefits to employers

  • The health and wellbeing of employees is supported
  • With our support, employees  are able to return to work more quickly
  • The absence is fully managed
  • Reduces likelihood of absences becoming long term
  • Cost control. Reducing the length of absences, can help improve the claims experience and manage the costs of future premiums
  • Reduces reliance on other healthcare benefits, such as private medical insurance
  • Reduces likelihood of recruiting extra staff to fill the absence
  • Discounts on group income protection premiums at review, for efficient notification of absences on eligible policies.’
  • Advice on how to deal with absence compliantly.

In-house Rehabilitation, for first-class employee care

Our in-house rehabilitation team are the jewel in our group income protection crown. It’s a dynamic and proactive team. Made up of experts in field, the team continually looks for ways to improve the service to employees and employers, and this is the reason many employers choose to work with us. This is a vocationally and clinically led rehabilitation team; all clinicians are medically qualified to support a safe, fair and reasonable return to work.

Treatment isn’t always necessary, instead we might signpost the employee to other support that may be of value to the them, such as the employee assistance programme or specialist charity.

For very complex cases, we have a roundtable of experts from our team to assess requirements and recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

This is an end-to-end service, the clinician works with the employee at the beginning of their absence, stays in touch throughout their treatment, and ensures a smooth transition back to work.

The clinician keeps the employer up to date throughout the process.

This integrated approach, managed by rehabilitation specialists, lays the foundations for the best outcomes.

Early intervention for better outcomes

  • The earlier we can arrange treatment, the better the outcome. Depending on the nature and complexity of the cases, the timing may differ, but the below lays out typical timelines for the majority of the cases we deal with.
    • As soon as we’re notified of an absence, our clinicians gather information to prepare for their call with the employee, and they call them within two working days.
    • Following an assessment, our clinicians recommend treatment, and contact our specialist healthcare partners to arrange it.
    • Our specialist healthcare partners make contact with the employee within two working days, and aim to arrange treatment to take place within five working days.
    • A treatment plan is put in place, and is carried out.

Early intervention, with treatment funded at our cost

All our intervention and treatment can happen without a GP-referral, and any treatment is funded at our cost, with no additional cost to the employer and/or employee.

Not only does this save employers and employees money in funding treatment, it also bypasses any NHS waiting lists. Our early, active intervention means a quick diagnosis and early treatment which gives employees the best chance of the quickest and most successful recovery, which is good for employers and employees.

Treating the condition before it becomes a payable claim

Our early intervention and rehabilitation is designed to support employees at the earliest opportunity. Group income protection policies will pay an income to employees if they’re unable to work because of and eligible illness or disability, and this is paid after a certain period of time, typically after six months, although this is up to employers to decide. We work with employees to support their recovery well before this time, before a claim becomes payable.

This not only means that the health and wellbeing of employees is supported, it also means we help protect the costs of premiums for employers by decreasing the chances of cases going to claim. So our process is a win-win for employees and employers.

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