Funded mental health treatment from a
multi-award winning provider

CBT Clinics is a multi- award winning psychological assessment and treatment provider with a reputation for clinical expertise and innovative digital healthcare. They are a leading independent provider of mental health solutions with over 2,000 clinicians.

They are dedicated to transforming psychological healthcare by embracing evolving digital health technologies alongside traditional therapy approaches. This means they can deliver therapy where, when and how it is needed.

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Our partnership with CBT Clinics, means we can make a referral to them quickly, with contact made within 48 hours and treatment starting within 10 days.

Accessing our funded treatment means employees avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists and are able to return to work sooner. What’s more, there’s no additional cost for them or their employer.

Benefits to employees

  • Professional, managed treatment, which increases the chances of recovery
  • The most relevant treatment, from a medically qualified mental health specialist.
  • Evidence-based therapy, with proven results.
  • No need to wait on lengthy waiting lists for treatment
  • Funded treatment.
  • High quality of service, as the progress is strictly monitored.
  • Support that focuses on a sustained recovery.

Benefits to employers

  • With the prevalence of absence caused by mental ill-health, the likelihood is that most employers will be impacted. It makes sense to be prepared by having suitable support available.
  • Providing quick access to mental health specialists increases the chance of a quicker recovery and quicker return to work.
  • Support focuses on building mental resilience, reducing the chances of relapse, and increasing the chances of the return being sustained.
  • No extra cost, as treatment is funded by us
  • Providing support for mental health helps build a positive culture.
  • Offering proactive, holistic support can help recruit and retain talent.

How CBT Clinics works with Legal & General

  1. Our own medically qualified clinicians carry out an assessment by phone of all employees that are referred to us. This is usually after they’ve been absent from work after four weeks. Following our assessment, if we believe they would benefit from support for their mental health and need treatment from CBT Clinics then we refer them on.
  2. A clinician from CBT Clinics then assesses the employee and establishes goals so they can measure recovery, this includes a goal to return to work.
  3. CBT Clinics will get in touch with the employee within 48 hours and carry out an initial assessment. Remote treatment, such as via phone takes place within five days, face-to-face treatment takes place within 10 days.
  4. They look at any barriers to returning to work, removing these barriers in returning to work is integral to any treatment plan. This includes recommendations on how the employer can assist.
  5. There is a great focus on relapse prevention. For every employee, the CBT clinician puts in place a written plan for the employee which looks at what led to the problems, what they’ve learnt, and how to continue doing what helped them recover, and this helps prevent relapse.
  6. All employees also have 24/7 access to CBT Clinics’ 12-month online programme. This includes tasks to help them stay well, which they can also share with their family. The aim is to maintain recovery, and help the employee be their own therapist.

How CBT Clinics help

The goal of all treatment is to get the employee better. This objective is worked on from the very beginning, between clinician and employee together, with the aim to get back to work - with work being an integral recovery tool. This goal-orientated treatment gives the recovery focus, the employee something concrete to achieve, and supports success.

Every case that’s referred to CBT Clinics, that is, every employee that we put forward to have treatment from CBT Clinics, has a case manager that oversees and manages their treatment from inception to discharge - beginning to end. This means that every part of the treatment process is monitored, and has to meet critically high standards.