Our award-winning EAP provider, Health Assured

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Health Assured UK and Ireland's largest award-winning health and wellbeing network, making a positive difference to over 9.5 million people. They offer the most comprehensive employee assistance programme (EAP) on the market today.

We have developed our EAP with Health Assured, which provides a range of resources to help keep employees healthy and happy in work. It's designed to help manage absence rates and increase staff retention in work, it can also help in the duty of care for your employees. It's provided at no extra costs with our Group Protection products, and is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's designed to help provide support for all of your employees, whether they're covered by us or not.


Benefits for employees

  • Up to 8 structured counselling sessions on our group income protection product for insured employees
  • Up to 8 face to face bereavement counselling sessions for only the immediate family of the insured employee in the event of a claim, with our Group life policy
  • Confidential 24/7 access to 70 qualified counsellors and advisors
  • Immediate family members* of employees can benefit from access to our EAP telephone support services
  • Telephone based support for all staff
  • Legal information service for issues like debt management, tax matters and consumer disputes
  • A mobile app that gives employees access to resources at the tap of a button, anywhere, anytime
  • Access to the UK’s largest collection of wellbeing resources through the app and online portal, including monthly webinars, health assessments, articles and factsheets

*Immediate family members are defined as spouse, partner, registered civil partner, siblings and children aged 16 to 24 in full time education, living in the same household.

Benefits for employers

  • The EAP service is provided at no extra cost
  • With group income protection, structured counselling can be arranged without the need of a referral from the employee’s GP
  • Anonymised management information can be provided that highlights the key reasons for usage of the EAP
  • An EAP is designed to contribute to a wider health and wellbeing strategy
  • Designed to help employers see a more committed workforce, through fewer absences and improved productivity


How Health Assured works with us

We have a collaborative working partnership with Health Assured. The EAP is imbedded within all our Group Protection products.

There are two ways to access the EAP:

  1. With our group income protection, employers can notify us that an employee has been absent from work. Our own medically trained team will then carry out an assessment and if appropriate, refer the employee to Health Assured.
  2. With all our group protection policies, employees can access Health Assured’s services directly by phone and online.

The right support at the right time

When people need support, time is of the essence, and Health Assured  provides early, proactive support at the earliest opportunity. Available through the structured counselling with our group income protection.

  • All calls are answered within 8 seconds.
  • Every individual that calls is assigned an internal case manager to look after them and monitor their support from beginning to end.
  • Within 24 hours their case manager matches them to the most relevant therapist.
  • The counsellor makes contact with the individual within 12 hours to book the first therapy appointment.
  • The first therapy appointment is arranged to take place within 5 days, or later if that works better for the individual.

Individuals can then have up to eight structured counselling sessions which can be face to face, by phone or online. This is in-the-moment support, designed to help people function in times of need, build resilience and give people the tools for self-care.

Rather than re-habilitation, this is pre-habilitation, with a focus on prevention, proactively helping people before issues worsen.

An EAP that is available on the go - My Healthy Advantage

We provide a mobile app through Health Assured, allowing you to access resources anywhere, anytime, which is free to download and is available on both iPhone and Android.

It’s the most popular and comprehensive business wellbeing app in the UK and Ireland, designed to help employers.

It provides:

  • Additional fact sheets and four week programmes
  • Mini health assessments
  • 24/7 access without an internet connection
  • Streamlined design and navigation
  • News feed functionality

New features and functionality include:

  • Updated security
  • Better search functionality
  • Weekly mood tracker
  • Improved support contact options
  • Personalised content

Health and wellbeing portal

  • Monthly webinars including Recognising Stress, The Art of Motivation, Building Personal Resilience, Mental Health First Aid
  • Four week programmes including Quit Smoking, Sleep, Losing Weight, Drinking Less
  • Mini health assessments including BMI, sleep, alcohol, anxiety and depression
  • Wellbeing articles and factsheets
  • Awareness Day information such as OCD week of action and self-injury awareness day