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We know that every company is different, so as an employer you can rely on us to quickly and effectively set up and tailor a protection policy that works for you.

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Group life assurance

A lump sum benefit that is normally paid tax free up to the lifetime allowance or as a dependants pension, or both when an insured employee dies in service.

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Group income protection

Provides an income when an insured employee is unable to work long term due to illness or injury. Where appropriate, to support an employee back to work, we can provide early intervention and rehabilitation.

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Group critical illness cover

A tax free lump sum benefit for insured employees who suffer from an insured condition, and survive a set time period.

Flexible and voluntary benefits

We offer a range of flexible and voluntary protection benefits that can be designed to suit your budget and scheme set up. Gives your employees choice, within agreed limits, to select the cover that meets their needs.

Ill Health Early Retirement Benefit

Designed to help reduce the liability on a pension scheme, following the ill health early retirement of a pension scheme member. Our policy pays a lump sum when a member that we’re covering retires early due to ill health.

Worklife solutions

Whether you're switching your Group Protection scheme to us or it's your first scheme, it's important to appreciate the collection of benefits that you can take advantage of.

Through our worklife solutions health and wellbeing toolkit employees will have access to a range of information, advice and services. This includes a comprehensive employee assistance programme to help them deal with issues and events in their everyday life.

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