Group critical illness cover

Our most complete cover, helping you provide better support for your employees and their families.

Update to Group Critical Illness Cover

Group critical illness cover can be a valuable staff benefit that provides a tax-free cash lump sum if your employee has been diagnosed with a specified serious illness or condition, for example cancer, stroke or multiple sclerosis. This could happen more than you may think:

  • 2.5 million people in the UK are living with cancer 900,000 of who are of working age (16-64).
  • Over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK.130,000 survivors still in the workforce.
  • 2.3 million suffer with coronary heart disease. 240,000 are currently in employment.
  • More than 100,000 currently live with multiple sclerosis 30,000 are still in work.

Sources: Legal & General - The impact of critical illnesses on the UK economy report, British Heart Foundation 2018, Cancer Research UK 2018, Stroke Association 2018 and MS Trust 2018.

Our critical illness cover has been designed to help you protect your employees and their families. Should they suffer from a life changing illness or injury that’s covered under our policy. If there’s an eligible claim,  they’ll receive a tax-free lump sum.

The payment could help your employee pay for a range of expenses that have come about following the diagnosis of a serious illness.  This might be to pay bills, meet unexpected medical costs, or put towards a well-earned holiday once treatment is over.

  1. Our product

    • Pays up to £500,000 maximum benefit level or five times scheme earnings (whichever is less). Scheme earnings is normally the insured employee’s salary, however there may be different earnings that are more appropriate.
    • Covers 15 major conditions as standard and more can be added but there are some exclusions.
    • Automatically covers children of your insured employees from birth for all of the same conditions as the insured employee, plus six child only conditions at no extra cost.
    • Where you choose to have a flexible or voluntary critical illness policy, as long as they don’t exceed the maximum cover, the insured employee isn’t limited to the number of increases they can make.
    • Helping to make it easier to set up a policy. We will check the medical history when there’s a claim, please see ‘What we can’t cover’ for further details.
    • Employees spouses, partners and registered civil partners can be added for an additional cost.
    • Available to small or large employers who want to cover at least 10 employees.
    • Access to an award-winning EAP provider, Health Assured who provide personalised care and treatment around the clock for all your employees, whether they are covered by us or not.

    We'll continue to provide cover and pay any valid claims as long as the policy terms are met. You can find when we will and won't pay claims and a glossary of terms, in our PDF file: Critical illness cover technical guide PDF size: 1.2MB . In particular, please read about pre-existing and related conditions exclusions.

  2. For Employers

    Enhanced employee benefits

    With Critical Illness Cover providing valuable support when it may be needed most, it can be used as part of a benefits package to help attract and retain top talent. 

    Support for employee wellbeing

    Employee performance and wellbeing go hand in hand.  If an employee is struggling with an issue or worry, they are unlikely to perform at their best. Critical illness cover can help provide the reassurance of a lump sum payment if they were to be diagnosed with a serious illness. Along with our employee assistance programme that’s provided at no extra cost, they’ll have access to useful information, support and crisis intervention on a range of  issues, from legal worries to mental health support.

    Flexible cover for your budget

    As an employer, you can choose to take out different levels of cover to suit your budget and the needs of your employees. You can choose to insure all or a defined group of employees, add additional conditions or offer the option for employees to personally select and pay for cover.

    Easy to set up

    Most employees can be insured without the need for lengthy medical underwriting, making it an easy to set up a policy.

  3. Benefits to your employees

    Ease financial pressures

    The tax free lump sum can be used towards covering bills, caring for a loved one or to meet unexpected medical costs – easing financial worries of unexpected costs.

    24/7 Access to wellbeing and lifestyle support

    • All our Group critical illness policies come with access to an award winning Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider, Health Assured. They can help by providing personalised support around the clock for all your employees. Your employees will be able to have access to support, whether they’re covered by us or not. Find out more about our EAP here.
    • Immediate family* members of employees can also benefit from access to our EAP telephone support services too.
    • Employees will be able to use Health Assured’s, My Healthy Advantage app. This can help them manage the overall health around the clock.

    *Immediate family members includes spouse, partner, registered civil partner, siblings and children aged 16-24 in full time education, living in the same household.

    Child cover

    All of our group critical illness policies cover children of the insured employee from birth to 21 years. They’ll be covered for 6 child only conditions along with the 15 core conditions as standard. If additional, conditions have been selected on the policy, children will also be covered under these too.