Product features

Our group income protection aims to be a complete absence solution that’s designed to help bring about the quickest return to work, including access to rehabilitation specialists and workplace integration programs.

Normally, a minimum of 50 employees are needed to first set up the policy. However if you want group income protection and have 10-250 employees to cover, you may be able to get a quote.

We'll need employees to be actively at work before we can start or increase an employee's cover. This means they'll need to be in full active employment, physically and mentally able to perform all of the duties associated with their normal role. Our  PDF file: Group income protection technical guide PDF size: 835KB  provides further details about our actively at work requirements as well as some of the other key terms.

Generous cover

Cover can be provided for each individual employee up to a level of £350,000 and total pension contributions up to £75,000. This is limited by a total of an employee's cover and their own pension contributions not exceeding 80% of their earnings.

Most employees will normally be automatically covered for the amount requested. We normally set out the maximum cover we'll provide for each employee before we ask for medical information, this is referred to as the free limit. For those employees with cover over the free limit set for each policy, there is an efficient medical underwriting process, which aims to minimize any inconvenience.

Medical underwriting is the process where we ask for the employee to give us medical evidence about their health and pastimes. This helps us to make decisions on the level of cover we can offer.

We'll normally medically underwrite any employee:

  • Who's cover exceeds the policy free limit for the first time, or following a significant increase in cover.
  • Who's joining outside of the policy’s normal eligibility conditions.
  • Whose joining on a discretionary entrant basis.

We may set terms and conditions that specify when medical evidence may be needed outside the normal requirements.

Medical underwriting may lead to terms being applied where an additional premium will be changed. Specific conditions or activities may also be excluded which means a claim cannot be made against them.


Switching from another insurer to us is quick and easy. We'll normally provide cover on the same basis for existing insured employees, which mean we can match the previous insurer's cover level and terms. The cost may not necessarily be the same. We’ll need confirmation when the policy starts, where the previous insurer applied terms or restrictions for particular employees,  otherwise we won't be able to pay a claim for them. We'll need you to give us a copy of the previous insurer's latest letter of acceptance or fill in a  PDF file: Declaration of switch terms PDF size: 587KB    

Employer / Employee focused

We work with independent specialists to help provide support for certain conditions. Where appropriate, we'll pay for treatment to help employees back to work and help you develop an integrated return to work programme.

Our EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) is available to all your employees as a policy holder, regardless of them being covered by the policy. Employees covered by the policy, can have access to structured counselling. To find more about these added value benefits provided at no extra cost, please refer to our  PDF file: Employee Assistance Programme brochure PDF size: 306KB